Craving a space to fully be all of you, to set yourself free, to tap into all the strategy you'll ever need to turn your ideas into dollars and get paid just by being YOU?
The Momentum Mastermind is exactly what you've been looking for, my love.
A community of visionaries doing life on their terms, claiming their freedom, living their truth and tapping into abundance of time, money and inspiration. 

This is for you if you're ready to live your fullest expression NOW, to stop editing yourself NOW, to feel free NOW and receive all the guidance you need to build a business + lifestyle beyond your wildest dreams, from ease and flow.
Live, personalized coaching + actionable trainings + an incredibly supportive community!
*automatically renews at $197/mo after the first month. Cancel anytime.
You feel like you've been living someone else's life, living for everyone else, when all you really want is to SET YOURSELF FREE and be all you know you're meant to be!
You KNOW you're not only capable of, but meant for Big things. 

You KNOW you're meant to live and breathe the life of your wildest dreams, totally free AND getting paid for it with ease, of course. 

But, you feel stuck. Spinning. Like it's taking forever. Am I right?

I know you've been trying but it all feels so complicated, there's so many experts with so many opinions. They don't want you to know the truth, that you already have all the answers within you and that everything can shift FAST.

Deep down you know the truth:
You're capable of more than you've even begun to imagine and it's available NOW.
And I created The Momentum Mastermind to set you free, set the rules on fire and unleash ALL of who you're ready to be, so let's begin...
I know you day dream about walking away from the draining job and just hopping in your car and heading out on an adventure -- because I used to feel the same way!

You’re an adventurer at heart. A freedom lover.

And somewhere along the way the dreamer in you got caught up in the mundane. Being normal. Being responsible. Being what everyone else wants you to be.

But you know it’s not who you are.
You long for more and it's time to claim it. You long to drop everything and just feel free.
To travel to places you’ve never been before. To hear the sound of the pine trees in the mountains or the waves crashing on the beach.
You and I, we're the same. The visionaries, creatives, dreamers who make the world go round.
We don’t fit in a box and it’s useless to try. That dream you have of just being free is possible. The freedom to travel, create something, be curious, start your own business and earn whatever you desire.
True freedom exists for those who are willing to break the mold.
In 2013 I broke free. After years of barely getting by, waiting tables, answering phones and doing every side job possible that drained my spirit and left me exhausted with every commute…I was done.
I knew I was capable of more and deserved better -- and so do you.
So I turned to the freedom of the online world where I discovered that your story, passions and expertise (whatever they are!) can be leveraged into a profitable business with clients around the world. Coaches, photographers, travel experts, yoga instructors, intuitives, healers, and everyone in between can find the freedom they desire online. Even my amazing mother, inspired by my success, turned her passion for ancient pottery and archaeology into a profitable business with both products and workshops (go mom!).
 The Online World is Magical
And most “normal” people out there don’t understand a dang thing about it. They think it’s scary, dangerous and safer to just stay put in their cocoon of unhappiness.
I went from earning $7,000 in 2013 to having a thriving business that's set to cross the 7 figure mark this year. I know a thing or two about tapping into your truth, discovering your unique strategy, building a business from your soul and getting paid to be YOU.
And I can't wait to share this all with you and watch you finally break free!
The online world is changing fast.

There's new 'experts' joining the industry every day trying to sell you the hottest new strategy. And if you listen you'll end up spending thousands of dollars, hundreds of hours and wind up being broke and exhausted.
But, if you try to do this on your own, you'll probably fail.
I'm not being harsh, the numbers don't lie. Most people who start their own business don't make it. 

But, the majority of my clients do.

Because I'm not filling you full of fluff and content. I won't just keep you busy so you feel like you got your "money's worth" from a program.
I ONLY teach proven strategies that I know work.
And unlike a lot of coaches and 'biz experts' online, I have the years of experience and testimonials to prove it:
A supportive space to set yourself free, tap into your unique marketing strategy, align with your soul and make money being YOU.
 LIVE Workshops + Coaching Every Month
Every month I'll be hosting a Brand NEW Workshop just for my Momentum Mastermind and opening up the lines to answer your biggest questions to give you the personalized support where you need it most.
 NEW Momentum Audio Released Monthly
I consistently hear that my clients receive the biggest breakthroughs from my audio trainings, meditations, and visualizations and want more of them :) So...I'm creating a Brand NEW Momentum Audio every month just for you!
 Actionable Training Guides + NEW Companion Audios Released Twice Every Month:
Every month you'll receive two actionable training guides to support you in building your business, rocking out your money mindset, marketing from your soul and living your fullest expression. AND I'm recording Brand NEW Audios for EVERY training with new insights and totally up-to-date guidance!
 Instant Access to Every Training, Audio, Resource and More That's Been Released So Far!
Wish you'd signed up sooner but just found Momentum? No worries! You get access to every single resource, workshop, training and more that's been added to Momentum since it began, so you haven't missed a thing.
 Unlimited Replays of ALL Workshops + Q&A's:
Can't make one of our Monthly Workshops Live? No worries, they will always be recorded with unlimited replays for you to relisten as you desire at the date and time that works best for you!
 Supportive Community of Rockstars (like you):
Finally find your tribe of like-minded visionaries, creatives and driven entrepreneurs (like you) who will become your mastermind partners, 24/7 support team and even friends for years to come. This community is super engaged and supported and so no question goes unanswered.
 No long term commitment:
I know you're going to LOVE the Momentum Mastermind so there's no need for contracts or commitments. Lock in your special rate when you join today and stay as long as you like. This space is for the dreamers and visionaries who are ready for big results, doing business on their terms and living free!
You have NOTHING to lose and EVERYTHING to gain.
*automatically renews at $197/mo after the first month. Cancel anytime.
What Makes This Different:
On Going LIVE Coaching!
Your Road Map to Success
The key mile markers that guarantee success.
You don't need theory. 

You need specific action steps -- in a specific order.

For instance, creating the perfect website means NOTHING if you don't have a clear, magnetic message.
And mastering sales calls means NOTHING if you don't know how to attract clients.
That's why I designed the Road Map to Success
Giving you specific, step-by-step guidance to build a strong business from the ground up.

Move through the road map at your own speed, spending time where you need the most guidance and cruising through any areas you already have set up.
Your Destination?
 Consistent clients, cash and impact
Here's A Taste of What We'll Cover With the
3 NEW Audios, + 2 Training Guides, + 1 NEW Live Workshop Released EVERY MONTH!
And don't forget you also get access to EVERY training, audio and resource already released in Momentum + the supportive rockstar community to help you succeed
How to Grow Your Following + Sell Out Your Offers FAST with Free FB Challenges
How to Tap Into Your Vision BEYOND the Vision for Quantum Leaps Now!
Discover What You Truly Desire
Systems and Structures to Take Your Biz Live NOW
Creating Your Signature Offer
What to Charge and Why
How to Write Powerful Sales Pages with Ease
How to Brand Yourself to Stand Out Online
Resource Guide of All the Tools I Use in My Biz
Opt-in Offers to Grow Your List While You Sleep
Recommended Reading List
Creating Your Packages and Offerings
How to Always Know What to Offer Next
My Morning Routine for Abundance
Creating Your Own Money Mantra
The Website Layout That Attracts Clients
Conscious Language to Manifest Your Desires
Discovering Your Ideal Client
Sales Call Strategy
Overcoming Objections with Integrity and Ease
Filling Your Schedule with Sales Conversations
Removing Money Blocks for Good
And More!
Here's a glimpse of what's already waiting for you inside!
AND...Our Private FB Group, Details for Our Next LIVE Workshop + Q&A and More!
Exclusive Pay In Full Bonus:
The Perfect Sales Call Program!
Valued at $997...Yours for FREE when you choose the pay in full option at checkout!
  •  Lesson 1: How To Attract Only Ideal Clients including a breakdown of how to create an Ideal Client Checklist and how to qualify potential clients BEFORE you get on the phone.
  •  Lesson 2: Position Yourself as an Expert (in 3 min or less) so your prospects feel fully supported, see you as a leader and are eager to hear more.
  •  Lesson 3: The Must-Ask Questions to Discover the Real Problem (and reason your potential client reached out) so she'll immediately feel more clarity just by speaking with you.
  •  Lesson 4: Qualify Your Prospect and Clearly Show You Understand Them so working with you becomes the obvious next step, making your offer stand out online.
  •  Lesson 5: Position Your Offer as THE Solution and bring your client to a clear "Yes!" to work together without being pushy.
  •  Lesson 6: How to Overcome Objections with Integrity so you can stop becoming victim to the #1 reason most sales calls end in indecision instead of a new client. 
  • Lesson 7: Close the Sale and discover the exact systems you need in place before you speak to a prospect so you can receive payment on the call instead of wondering when (or if) they'll ever sign up.  
Get ALL of this for FREE when you choose the pay in full option at checkout!
VIP Option + Private Coaching!
*automatically renews at $197/mo after the first month. Cancel anytime.
 On going LIVE Coaching
(valued at $497/month)
 Supportive community
(valued at $197/month)
 Exclusive LFS Trainings
(valued at $297/month)
 LFS Bonuses
(valued at $97/month)
The price of the Momentum Mastermind increases periodically as even more value, trainings, resources and more are continually added in. Meaning NOW is the best time to lock in the best rate!
NOW is your time.
Time to go all in.
Time to be ALL of you.
Time for Momentum.
>> I'll see you on the other side <<
About the Creator:
Frequently Asked Questions:
How long is this program?
How long it lasts depends on you! Join for 1 month, 4 months, a year or longer depending on your goals. However, I'll warn you now that you're going to LOVE the community, personalized support, consistent LIVE coaching calls every month AND the results, of course! The majority of my clients find so much value and results from our work that they never want to leave. You've been warned :)
Will I get to ask you questions on the training calls? 
The two monthly live training calls last approximately 1 hour each and I answer as many questions as possible and typically get through all of them. However, it is unlikely I'll be able to answer all questions on every call, every time which is why you'll also be able to ask questions in our members only FB group as well. You have tons of support between the calls, private community, trainings, your supportive Society Sisters and more.
How does the 'no long term commitment' work? 
I'm committed to you finding the space online that feels like home and making the best investments possible for yourself and your biz. So, if for some reason the LiveFree Society isn't a good fit for you (which is pretty unlikely, btw) you can cancel your membership at anytime with a 7 day notice before your next billing.
The biggest question to ask yourself is Do You Feel Called to Join Us?
Do You Feel Called to Work Together?
Are You Craving Support, Community and Ease?
You know in your heart and soul if you're ready for this. TRUST YOUR SOUL.
Ready to join the rebels and visionaries who are setting all the rules on fire and smashing through their goals with freedom and ease?
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